Play Taboo Slot

There are several portals where you can play Taboo for free, but you should always be careful because it is not always the original game.  This way, you can not only familiarise yourself with the gameplay and the theme, but also explore tips and tricks for their suitability. In any case, it is a good… Continue reading Play Taboo Slot

Glossary of virtual slots terms

Before we continue, let us make a preliminary consideration. Although the term “slots” is the most commonly used term, the words “slot machines” and “slots” are synonyms: there is no difference between the three words, we can use them interchangeably. Below, we have put together for you a basic dictionary of essential words that you… Continue reading Glossary of virtual slots terms

Types of online slots

Casino slots Also known as classic slots, they feature reels, ambient sounds and tunes that evoke the physical slots that were part of the legendary Las Vegas casinos of the 1950s. They mimic the legendary universe of another era, but in the new online environment that we live in today. In general, they are simple… Continue reading Types of online slots

Live betting on 0.5 goals

A bookmaker system on over 0,5 goals is a very calm play of the players. It is aimed primarily at those people who like to play cautiously and do not usually pay much attention to cases in which it is necessary to particularly analyse given events. This means that football knowledge is not crucial here… Continue reading Live betting on 0.5 goals

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