A bookmaker system on over 0,5 goals is a very calm play of the players. It is aimed primarily at those people who like to play cautiously and do not usually pay much attention to cases in which it is necessary to particularly analyse given events. This means that football knowledge is not crucial here and can be put aside. The truth about the 0.5 strategy is that in 90% of matches, a goal is scored sooner or later, regardless of the minute. What is important, however, is that the live tab is a valuable source here, and only the bets from this strategy are aimed at it. This means that you should play after the match has already started. It is best to wait as long as possible, so that the odds, which are very low at the beginning, will steadily increase. Usually, a bet on 0.5 goals is estimated to be around 1.06 and it is not profitable to play with lower odds. If, on the other hand, you reach this possibility after e.g. 10 minutes of the meeting, play. The author of the strategy assures that he wins 100% of his matches and only in some series he fails to end a good series. Since the one-time profit here is very low, it is recommended to play at least 3 events in one day. For example, you can start the game with $10 and if you build up a reserve, you do not increase your money, but keep it in case your coupon fails, because this is also an option. It is also important to never play on the French and Italian leagues, because there goalless draws occur much more often than in the rest of the world. Similarly, the 1.5 goal system should be avoided, because in this case there is practically full randomness. In addition, we have listed below some factors which will add variety to your game. First of all, we would like to mention the promotions and odds offered. These will enable you to play for more or build up reserves which will allow you to have more success.

Take advantage of promotions offered by bookmakers

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Almost every bookmaker focuses on several different promotions, and each of them can provide you with a correspondingly large cash boost. So if you are looking for new adventures and opportunities, you should definitely take a look at an offer that combines as many as possible. Firstly, the welcome bonus is worth noting. It is the highest on the site as standard and provides you with a doubling of your first deposit up to several thousand dollars. Some companies additionally offer bonuses on the second and third deposit, which together gives unbelievable amounts. With a simple completion of the terms and conditions this will help you, for example, to literally double your previously planned stakes. As if that wasn’t enough, free bets and free bets with cashback style returns will be waiting for you. This is an option for those who are not yet convinced by the game and the strategy. However, on this basis you can compete without worrying about your own funds. Then there are tournaments, lotteries, cash top-ups, affiliate and loyalty programmes and VIP schemes. In each case: the more the better, as long as the rules and regulations are simple and clear to implement.

Key aspects of sports betting

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There is no denying that betting and odds are the other key aspect of playing at bookmakers. This is because each of us is looking for solutions and matches that we want to bet on. This is where online and land-based outlets have – as usual – done an excellent job, thanks to which it will be possible to bet not only on the most important football, but also on over a dozen other disciplines, from basketball, through volleyball, handball, ice hockey or even electronic sports, so famous recently, also thanks to the IEM held in Katowice. Their offers also include insanely high odds, as well as instantly settled coupons. This is one of the factors you should keep in mind, because if you play one match, most often after it is over you immediately want to release another coupon. For the adventurous, you will also find the option to play live, i.e. for matches that have already started and which can even be analysed from the stadium. You can also do all this from your mobile device, be it a tablet or smartphone, regardless of the software used. Keep an eye on the odds, especially in live mode, as you can make big differences on this element. This in turn will then simply translate into the amount of winnings, which in such a strategy as live competition at over 0.5 is extremely important and appreciated.

Finally, let’s mention a few more words about potential customer service and the help we get from it. All brands, both online and in-store, allow you to play at different stages. The multitude of events can be confusing, so it’s good to check if you can always count on the help of the right person or a well-filled FAQ section. This is where you will find the most frequently asked questions with comprehensive answers. The consultants, in turn, will try to get to the centre of the problem by means of live chat and other forms, if it affects your account. Never hesitate, because when time is of the essence and the game is on the line, all matters should be solved automatically right from the start.

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