Before we continue, let us make a preliminary consideration. Although the term “slots” is the most commonly used term, the words “slot machines” and “slots” are synonyms: there is no difference between the three words, we can use them interchangeably.

Below, we have put together for you a basic dictionary of essential words that you must master if you want to get to grips with the incredible world of virtual slots. For ease of reference, they are presented in alphabetical order.

Minimum and maximum bet


These are the minimum and maximum amount you can bet on each spin of a specific slot. It varies from case to case and allows you to adjust the level of risk, intensity and excitement of your games, according to your preferences.

Free spins

These are free spins provided by casinos when you play their slots. Don’t confuse them with bonus spins.


This refers to an accumulative jackpot that increases the final prize that is possible to win. It is achieved by matching certain higher value symbols on a payline. It is linked to the RTP (explained below) and, along with it, is a factor in deciding which slot to play.


These are the ones that allow you to win prizes when certain combinations of symbols are matched. They vary depending on how the game is designed. To give you a practical idea, think of this example: if a 5-reel slot requires 3 identical symbols to be matched, they must appear on the same payline.

Payback or payback rate

This is an element that is determined by the specific RNG, a concept that is also explained in this glossary. It identifies the payback percentage that a slot machine presents to players.

RNG or random number generator

slots terms

In English, random number generator. Refers to the software that triggers the operation of the game. Originally, in the olden days, it was used to denote the internal system of physical slot machines. Today, however, it has become fully established in its digital versions.

RTP or Return to Player Ratio

It stands for return to player rate. It is a very relevant ratio that reflects the long-term payback rate of a particular slot machine. It is ideal for comparing alternatives and, based on it, deciding which one to play. Logically, the higher this indicator is, the better for the player. It is calculated on the basis of the last thousand plays. You should interpret it like this: if a slot has an RTP of 97%, it means that after 1000 spins of $1, you will win back $970.

Tips for playing slots and having more fun doing it

Haste and anxiety are never good companions in this type of pastime. Before we start, as we have already outlined previously, we must make a series of important decisions that will determine to a certain extent our subsequent gaming experience. Among them, which slot, with which bet and with how many paylines we are going to play.

These starting tips are very important. It is up to you to decide when to apply each one at any given time, but you should always keep them in mind:

Is your goal to have more chances of winning prizes? Go for slots with smaller jackpots and bigger payouts. 

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